New Bathrooms, New Door Locks

Check out the beautiful new bathrooms in the Lodge rooms at Treetops Resort! Spacious tiled showers with a step-around glass wall and new fixtures mark a wonderful upgrade for your Michigan Golf Vacation.

The new hotel room door locks are installed as well, and we’ve done a major upgrade to a keyless electronic RFID system.

So much more to come….

New & Spectacular is on the Way!

Treetops Resort prepares for the 2017 golf and summer season.
Great Lakes Images/John L. Russell

April 21, 2017 – Renovation Progress Update

The Treetops Renovation Project is progressing on schedule. This week marked the first overnight hotel guests in the new and improved Inn Rooms, which is 60% complete, and a total room completion date of May 4th.  Both roof renovations will be finished before the end of the month, with the exterior paint, hallways, lobbies and other public spaces scheduled for later this season.

Treetops Resort prepares for the 2017 golf and summer season.
Great Lakes Images/John L. Russell

The Lodge rooms are also underway, with the crews working by wing and by floor, so as not to interfere with the guest experience.

“We took on a lofty goal of completing 180 rooms in just 3 months, but the project is on schedule and it’s very exciting to think of welcoming guests to a lodging experience on par with the golf experience we are known for,” said Director of Room James Vanderveer.

Treetops Resort prepares for the 2017 golf and summer season.
Great Lakes Images/John L. Russell

Out with the Old, In with the New

Unloading furniture delivery
Treetops team members lending a hand with the first furniture deliveries

“Today is going to feel like Christmas,” said Director of Room James Vanderveer. In an email to the entire staff at Treetops Resort late yesterday, Vanderveer recruited able bodies to greet the truck this morning, as the first of many furniture deliveries began to arrive for the Treetops Resort Renovation.

Dozens of staff members showed up to unload mattresses, box springs, headboards, nightstands, lamps, desks, chairs, couches, and even refrigerators. for the new and spectacular Gaylord hotel rooms.

By this time next week, we should have some photos of the finished rooms to share with you. Stay tuned…


Treetops Renovation News

Inn Room with new carpet, wallpaper, and fixtures awaiting completion

Until we have some photos of a finished room, we can show you a few updates of what’s going on and what progress has been made with Treetops $4.5 million renovation. This Gaylord hotel is movin’ on up!

Work is being done strategically in sections. The north wing of the Inn is near completion and should be ready next week. Our team of professionals started on the Lodge rooms this week in the east wing, and are pulling old items out, such as furniture, carpeting, bathroom tile, etc…

The furniture will all go into the newly redone rooms in April. This Northern Michigan Golf Resort and premier Michigan Meeting Space is going welcome guests to a whole new feel. Stay tuned for our first “new room shot!”

Treetops Resort Renovation Update

This is such an exciting week! We are full steam ahead on the Inn, with the Lodge to follow. Trucks full of all sorts of wares, from wallpaper to furniture, are pulling in daily as we get closer to unveiling a spectacular finished product!

Treetops Resort has always been a leader in Michigan Meeting and Convention Space, with multiple wedding venues, meeting rooms, and banquets facilities to meet your needs. With this $4.5 million dollar upgrade, why look anywhere else?

Treetops is open for business during this progress, with the staff and contractors working hard to ensure you the best possible experience while we improve for you.

Questions about the Renovation? Give us a call and we’d love to tell you more! 888-Treetops or send us an email: 

Mock-Up Room

Inn Room Plans

(January 28, 2017)

We are entering an exciting phase of our renovation project – the Mock-Up Room.

This week the furniture is arriving and the team is creating a sample room in the Inn. By this time next week, we will see what the Inn rooms will look like, make any necessary changes, and then begin on the rest of the rooms.

We can’t wait to show you the before and after pictures!  Stay tuned…

Questions? Contact our Sales Team anytime.


Embark on a Gourmet Winter Adventure

4 women enjoying Skiable Feast
Enjoy 5 trail-side gourmet stations

The Treetops Culinary Adventure Series all began with this winter gem and 2017 marks our 4th season of the Skiable Feast. We’ve coined it a Gourmet Winter Adventure because it’s the perfect combination of a little exercise, gourmet food, craft beer, and Michigan wine.

As you meander through the sprawling beauty of Treetops Resort, it’s easy to forget you are just a few miles from downtown Gaylord.  Many locals don’t even know the rich storybook history of the property where your adventure awaits.

Tram at Project Nature
Guests would board the tram with their passport

A developer named Kirk Gladwin wanted to open a wildlife nature preserve with exotic animals. The project cost over a million dollars and he opened it as a family tourist attraction on a piece of land that was home to 2,000 acres of Timber Mountain Ranch. It was designed like Jurassic Park where the visitors saw movies, rode on a tram, and even had passports to view the animals. Visitors were not allowed to wander through the property, but were made to stay on the tram, until it arrived at an observation point, because the animals were free roaming.

The developer assured the county that he had no plans to introduce any carnivorous animals into the collection like bears or large cats. But once you were inside, there were Bison, Elk, Axis deer, Sika deer, Chocolate Fallow deer, Big Horn sheep and different species of goats. The tram driver would follow the path while the narrator pointed out the animals out and told you about them.

Pavillion at Project Nature
The historic Project Nature restaurant and observation deck

The Pavilion Restaurant had an elevated observation deck with telescopes on railings to watch animals from. Arriving and departing from the restaurant, the tram drivers used remote control devices to open and close the gates behind them. Some of the animals figured this out and would stand near the gate, waiting for it to open, attempting escape.

After exiting the fenced area, the tram took the guests down the main road to the River Cabin. This cabin was originally where the guests of the hunting ranch across the street from Project Nature, would stay while paying to hunt exotic animals from all around the world. That was all before the park was built.

At the River Cabin, you were allowed off the tram to tour the cabin and view the Llamas in a smaller fenced area. Across from the River Cabin, there was a larger fenced area with two giraffes and even an ostrich. Guests could walk around until they were ready to go and then just hop on the next tram which took you back to the Wilderness cabin, which ended your journey.

Treetops River Cabin
One of the many wonders you encounter on your adventure

At one point, there was some talk of building an outdoor water slide, but the place was shut down before that ever came to fruition. Outside of the fence, people saw black bears and other wild animals.

Project Nature only operated for about a year, but the stories will be told and the animals will be spotted for years to come.

The Skiable Feast takes you to all the tram stops and is available Saturdays in January and February, lasting between 4-5 hours, depending on ability and how many times you stop for photos. This 6 km (3.8 miles) intermediate cross country ski excursion has guides to lead the way, but you and your friends are free to enjoy the day at your own pace.

Treetops Wooden Bridge
The Skiable Feast heads right over this neat old wooden bridge at Project Nature

Along the trails, you’ll find gourmet food and beverage stations, where you can take a rest and refuel with a tasty cup of gumbo or chowder, cod sliders, fresh fruits and veggies, Michigan craft beers and so much more.

$89 per person, (inclusive) with special lodging packages available. Reservations can be made by visiting or calling 888-Treetops.




Treetops New Interiors

Last week was the beginning of the fun part of any renovation, if a little overwhelming. We chose everything from furniture to fixtures, floor coverings, linens, draperies and so much more.

Treetops Renovation Samples
The textures and color palettes fit at Treetops perfectly

Choices, Choices, Choices…

The Lodge and the Inn will have distinctly different palettes, and both fit right into the new exterior colors and the surrounding northern Michigan landscape.

The most frequently asked questions are about the bathroom plans. All bathrooms in both buildings are being completely redone, including showers, toilets, sinks, vanities, fixtures and flooring.

The Treetops team has put a lot of thought into both the comfort and the traveling needs of our guests. After meeting with our design team and making some final decisions, it’s truly a thrilling time at Treetops Resort as we look forward to welcoming you to a whole new experience. Stay tuned…


Renovations are Underway

A lucky weather day for the roofers
A lucky weather day for the roofers

This is such an exciting time for Treetops Resort! As many of you know, we began a $4.5 million dollar renovation and improvement project last month and are looking forward to welcoming you to whole new Treetops experience.

The room renovations will include furnishings, fixtures, and flooring, with the end result being a relaxed, modern feel.  The brand new lobby and other public spaces will be a modern northern Michigan outdoors feel.  We are confident that all of the changes will appeal to our golfers in the summer months, as well as our skiers and business travelers.

They have a great view
They have a great view

Follow along as we bring you renovation updates along with all the other activities and events at Michigan’s Most Spectacular Report.